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A look at the study abroad experience in Fremantle, Australia:

  • Several studies show that the best way to improve proficiency in a second language is by studying in an environment where you have to use it.
  • Living abroad will help you develop a clearer sense of self, as well as confidence, maturity, and self-worth by navigating the challenges of living in a new environment.
  • Today's employers are increasingly mindful of the need for employees who have international experience since world markets and business are fully global endeavors.
  •  International educational experiences in other countries bring people of different groups together to build amity and mutual understanding.
Clare Kessi

Clare Kessi - Class of 2020
BA Theater, Salzburg 2017-18

"My craziest experience: a group of us drove from Dubrovnik to Salzburg in a day because our flight was canceled, and got stopped at the Slovenian border for 45 minutes because we didn't have the right vehicle documentation! We think our misfortunes happened because we spent too much time on a cursed island the day before..."

Alex Peterson

Alex Peterson - Class of 2019
BBA Finance, Tokyo Summer 2017

"I’ve always been a foodie, so one of my favorite things in Japan was the cuisine. I loved going around to as many of Tokyo’s ramen shops as possible and tasting all the different bowls they served. In addition to being delicious, it was a great way to connect with culture and participate in a core part of everyday life for the locals. Of everything from my time in Japan, the ramen is the thing I miss the most!"

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