Visiting Your Student Abroad

If you are planning on visiting your child abroad, our parent panel encourages you to let your child make some reservations for your family trip...dinner, lodging, a family activity…It shows that you are confident in them and recognize their newfound “expertise” of their host city.  

“We went to visit her for a week while she was in Rome. That turned out to be very important for her. She wanted the visit, and she wanted to show us how she had discovered and settled in to the city. We allowed her to be tour guide and show us around. It was a joy to see her assume a “leader” role within the family.” – Chris Hulburt, Rome dad
“I had always planned to pick my children up wherever they went to study abroad so I had that to look forward to while Alex was in Japan. We arrived shortly before his classes ended so he showed us around the campus and we met some of his new friends. Then once classed ended he acted as our tour guide around Tokyo and then together we explored the rest of the country. If you can, I’d highly recommend meeting your student at the end of their program.” – Terri, Japan mom