Supporting Your Student Abroad

“[We] discussed with her what she might want to do at the end of the semester; should she stay & travel for a while or does she want to return home right away? [We sent] letters or cards from time to time as they LOVE getting mail!” – Christie LeBar, Salzburg Engineer mom

Send what needs sending – but beware!  It is very expensive to send things over there!!”

– Karen Kessi, Salzburg Mom

We encouraged Bridget to take day trips and weekend trips to explore Europe and she did quite a bit. We gave basic advice about safety, but allowed her to discover things and make plans on her own.” – Chris Hulburt, Rome dad

“Alex had a US Bank credit card that charged no international exchange fees and a favorable exchange rate and also carried a no fee debit card that allowed him access to cash. I never worried about him not having access to money.” – Terri, Japan mom