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Education abroad is an extraordinary opportunity for students. If you find yourself asking, "why should I study abroad?" consider the following:

  • Beyond beyond being "great fun," studying abroad helps you get out of your comfort zone, experience new cultures, and develop intercultural competencies in ways that will prepare you for living in today's interconnected world.
  • Several studies show that the best way to improve proficiency in a second language is by studying in an environment where you have to use it.
  • By studying abroad, you will develop your own sense of confidence, maturity, and self-worth by learning how to navigate the challenges of living in a new environment.
  • Today's employers are increasingly mindful of the need for employees who have international experience since world markets and business are fully global endeavors.
  • International educational experiences in other countries bring people of different groups together to build amity and mutual understanding.

The student section of the website is broken down into four stages. Please review these stages based on where you fall in the cycle. If you're just applying or considering studying abroad, start with "Before You Apply."