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Explore Your Options and Apply to Study Abroad

Before You Apply

Before beginning your application to study abroad, take the following steps to determine the program that best fits your academic, personal, and professional goals. 

  • Start by looking through study abroad program options on our website. Consider your academic, personal, and professional goals and what you hope to gain from the study abroad experience.
  • Meet study abroad staff (using the link below) to discuss how studying abroad will fit into your time at UP. Discuss when and where you see yourself going abroad, and any academic and personal goals you might have. You can meet with student peer advisors or the Study Abroad Coordinator.
  • Meet with a financial aid advisor or explore study abroad scholarship options hereFigure out which scholarships you might be eligible for and estimate what your costs will be.
  • If applicable, meet with AES (Accessible Education Services) staff to discuss any accommodations needs you may have. Early planning is important.
  • Apply for a passport if you don't have one yet, of if your passport needs to be renewed. Some host countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months after your program ends!

Application FAQs:

Q: What is the likelihood I will get accepted?

A: This varies by program and by year - it depends on how many people apply. Some programs have capacity limits, and others do not. While there is no guarantee, many students are accepted to the program they have applied for.

Q: To maximize my chances of getting accepted to a study abroad program, should I apply for multiple programs, or apply early? Is it a first-come-first-serve process?

A: No. If you are planning to participate in more than one program in the same year during two different terms, you can submit more than one application, but otherwise, only apply for one program. You will have the opportunity to list alternate programs of interest if you choose. This is not a first-come-first-serve process, and study abroad applications will not be reviewed until the application deadline has passed. It will not make a difference in the admissions process whether you submit your application earlier on, as long as it is submitted by the deadline.

Q: How are applications reviewed? When will we hear back?

A: Applications are reviewed (usually in December) by study abroad staff. Students will hear back in January about their study abroad application status. Acceptance to study abroad is pending academic approval from your school/college (only after fall grades have been posted) and pending a conduct record check. Students will need to remain in good academic standing to participate in study abroad. If there are any concerns, we will reach out to students individually. For programs that are operated in partnership with another organization or host university abroad (most programs except for Salzburg or UP faculty-led programs) students will also need to submit an application through the partner organization or host university (don't stress about this, we will follow up with more information).

Schedule a meeting with Study Abroad staff

Complete Your Application

Once you have chosen a program, you should begin working on your application. The application includes some reflective essays, and providing information about you. Applications are due in November for the following summer, fall, and spring. Students can expect to hear back about final decisions by mid-January at the latest. Your application will be evaluated holistically based on your responses to the reflective essays, academic performance, and disciplinary record. Remember that acceptance to study abroad is not guaranteed. Applications will not be considered past the deadline.