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Undergraduate Research Advisory Board

The University's undergraduate research programming is guided by the Undergraduate Research Advisory Board which is composed of faculty members and students from various academic units as well as representatives from student service offices. The mission of the Undergraduate Research Advisory Board is to promote, recognize, and advocate for undergraduate research at University of Portland. Duties also include advising on the development of undergraduate research policies and reviewing applications for the Provost’s Initiative for Undergraduate Research.

2017-18 Board Members:
  • Halina Barber, Nursing
  • Karissa Bent, Career Center
  • Terry Favero, Biology
  • Raluca Gosman, Student
  • Ross Hanig, Economics
  • Summer Henricksen, Student
  • Randy Hetherington, Education
  • Mead Hunter, Theater
  • Steve Mayer, Chemistry
  • Dan McGinty, Dundon Berchtold Institute
  • Andrew Nuxoll, Computer Science
  • John Orr, Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement Director
  • Zachary Simmons, Psychology
  • Chloe Tanega, Student