2021-22 Awards | University of Portland

2021-22 Awards

Spring 2022 (Examples)

Kali Abel,  Environmental Studies: “Last Ascents: climate change and the changing face of mountaineering in the Pacific Northwest” with Nick Paciulla

Andra Davis, Nursing: “Assessing Usability and Validity of Two Palliative Care Educational Tools” with Samantha Dela Cruz, Jen Heideman, and Abby Holt

Brad Franco, History: “Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s frescoes of Good and Bad Government: A New Interpretation “with Grant Hobbs

Deana Julka, Psychological Sciences: “Psychology for Sustainability: Examining eco-anxiety and avenues to increase environmental-friendly behaviors” with Marlu Martens

Jordy Wolfand, Engineering: “Using social media to understand public perceptions of wildfire” with Peter Mohammadi

Angela Hoffman, Chemistry: “Identifying organic compounds isolated from plants and bacteria” with Richard Nguy

Summer 2022 (Examples)

Ruth Dittrich, Economics: “How can we reduce recycling contamination on the household level in Gresham, Oregon?” with Isaac Ajayi

Lora Looney, Spanish: “Applying the Psycho-Medical Sciences of Sexual Reform to García Lorca’s Trilogy of Tragedies to Uncover the Social Tensions of Early Twentieth Century Spain” with Emma Hippler

Lizz Schallert, Social Work: Examining Unique Strengths and Challenges of Union Organizing in the Social Service Sector” with Brianna Tade