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Campus-wide Undergraduate Research Posting Board

All UP undergraduate research opportunities that are accompanied by a stipend are posted on Handshake. If you find no listings at that link, there are currently no posted openings. This posting board is open only to UP community members.

  • UP students: before viewing the job board, activate your account here -
  • UP faculty and staff: if you have not previously activated your Handshake account, do so here.

Campus-wide Undergraduate Research Protocol

UP's Undergraduate Research Learning Agreement, Responsible Conduct in Research training, Pre-Experience Survey, and Post-Experience Survey and Evaluation can be accessed via the Undergraduate Research section on the Forms page of PilotsUP.

CITI Program

University of Portland provides training on Responsible Conduct of Research and Human Subjects Research for students, faculty members, and staff through CITI Program. Access these courses by setting up an individual account.

Council on Undergraduate Research

University of Portland offers students, faculty members, and staff the benefits of an enhanced institutional membership with the Council on Undergraduate Research. Access CUR's resources by setting up an individual membership (at no cost).

Pilot Scholars

Pilot Scholars is a digital repository of scholarly and creative works produced by members of the University of Portland community. Benefits for posting student work in University institutional repository Pilot Scholars.

  • Pilot Scholars as the centralize location for all student work and provides a platform to showcase the scope of undergraduate research to prospect students and their parents
  • Provides a link for individual students to share their work with family members demonstrates the value of the UP education
  • Student works are archived
  • Archived works in the Pilot Scholars are giving a stable URL that allows students to reference their work in their resume or personal websites after they leave the university
  • Students can view past work by graduates in their program

Student Development Fund

The Provost's Office provides limited funding for students to present at conferences and regional professional meetings. In order to apply for funding, a faculty member must submit an application on the student's behalf. Faculty members can access the application form via PilotsUP.

Student Opportunity Center

University of Portland's subscription to the Student Opportunity Center allows UP community members to set up an account, using their email address, and search for on- and off-campus undergraduate research experiences, as well as presentation and publication opportunities. Faculty and staff can use the S.O.C. to recruit UP students for on-campus research opportunities.

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