2019-20 Awards | University of Portland

2019-20 Awards

Spring 2020

Martin Cenek, Computer Science: "Data science for modeling athletic performance: from theory to practice" with Braeden Lane

Nelson Coates, Physics: “Exploring Charge Transport in Solution-Processed Composites to Create New Energy Storage Materials” with Brynn Harrington and Jake Uyechi

Erin Currie, Psychological Sciences: “Celebrating Women of Color in Psychology” with Elisha Faagai

Deirdre Katz, Education: “A mixed method exploration of the implementation of a school-wide social and emotional learning approach at an alternative high school” with Camille Tudury

Katie O'Reilly, Biology: “Foraging behavior of jays” with Connor Vinyard

Ian Parkman, Marketing: “How do Gender Non-Conforming (GNC) Users Perceive and Adapt Heteronormative Product Design Language?” with Remi Ziems

Cara Poor, Civil Engineering: “Evaluation of a design retrofit for reducing phosphorus export from green roofs” with Taylor Marumoto and Nick Kanno

Summer 2020

Martin Cenek, Computer Science: "How do we understand statements that we have NO definition for?" with Alex Junkins

Laurie Dizney, Biology: "The Effects of Habitat Quality on the Health of Small Mammals" with Rebecca Cole

Deana Julka, Psychological Sciences: "Undergraduate Definitions of Sustainability and Ethical Practices: Exploring Differences in Consumption, Buying and Associated Behaviors" with Jasmine Fehr and Maya Sellier

Deirdre Katz, Education: "Social and emotional learning program review & data analysis" with Alannah Clay