2020-21 Awards | University of Portland

2020-21 Awards

Spring 2021

Sherry Abbasi, Electrical Engineering: “Brain imaging and psychological self-assessment correlation in PTSD patients” with Erik Liu

Andra Davis, Nursing: “Integration of oncology nurse-led telephone support for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy using evidence-based symptom guides into clinical practice” with Cassandra Padgham and Dasha Efremov

Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi, Political Science & Global Affairs: “Refugee Women’s Livelihoods in a Global Pandemic” with Trevor Riedmann

Cara Hersh, English: “No Curtains in Atonement: Early Modern Drama and the Postmodern Novel” with
Siena Di Sera

Andrew Lafrenz, Nursing: “The Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Mental and Physical Health in College Students” with Brylee Kiminski

Jordy Wolfand, Civil Engineering: “Using machine learning to uncover patterns in water quality in the Los Angeles River Watershed” with Anna Tinoco

Summer 2021

Terry Favero and Kyle Flann, Biology: “The Effects of Simulated Altitude Training on Running Aerobic Performance and Efficiency” with Leo Donlea

Layla Garrigues and Amber Vermeesch, Nursing: “Nature Therapy Effects on Nurse Practitioners Stress” with Kira Mattes

Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi, Political Science & Global Affairs: “A Gender Scorecard for Migration Policy: Gender-Responsiveness and the Global Compact on Migration” with Grace Fortson and Rosie Ith

Deana Julka, Psychological Sciences: “A Novel Test of Terror Management Theory" with Siena Henson