2014-15 Awards | University of Portland

2014-15 Awards

Spring 2015 Awards

Hannah Callender, Mathematics — "The Role of Network Structure in the Spread of Infectious Disease" with Claire Seibold, Todd Graham, and Rebecca Dresisen

Ted Eckmann, Environmental Studies — "UP Microclimates" with Brooke Holmes

Kyle Flann, Biology — "Exploring effective teaching pedagogies in undergraduate human physiology courses" with Clare Akers

Alexandra Hill, German Studies — "Curatorial Theory and Museum Practice" with Michelle Wilcox

Lorretta Krautscheid, Nursing — "Prevalence of conflict management strategies demonstrated by baccalaureate nursing students during ethical dilemma simulations" with Carissa Luebbering

Tara Maginnis, Biology — "Rates of Autonomy and Regeneration in the Rockweed Isopod (Pentidotea wosnesenskii) and the Smooth Bay Shrimp (Lissocrangon stylirostris)" with Taylor Rudow

Steve Mayer, Chemistry — "Investigating Surface Enhanced Raman Scattering of block co—polymers adsorbed to metal surfaces" with Anna Wetterer and Rea Cochran

Elinor Sullivan, Biology — "The Impact of Maternal and Post-natal diet on the Temperament of Adolescent Non Human Primates" with Tram Bui

Sarah Weiger, English — "Writing Time: Romantic Natural History and Environmental Change" with Rebecca Parks

Christine Weilhoefer, Biology — "The effects of nitrogen and phosphorus additions on microalgae biomass and macroinvertebrate densities in wetland mesocosms" with Cody Fischer