2018-19 Awards | University of Portland

2018-19 Awards

Spring 2019 

Martin Cenek, Computer Science: “Cell pathology decision support tool” with Julian Donovan

Lara-Zuzan Golesorkhi, Political Science: “The Refugee Gender Gap – a new concept for an old phenomenon” with Hazel Stange

Jeff Meiser, Political Science: “Strategic Leadership and Military Effectiveness in the First Arab-Israeli War” with Temmo Cramer and Ryan Turner-Brady

Nermine Ramadan, Mathematics: “A brief history of the fusion technology: the road towards the clean energy source of the future” with Grace Wallace, Esaul Castillo Ochoa, and Nicholas Salinas

Briana Rotter, Nursing: “Caring for the dying: Comparison of traditional and transfer nursing students regarding their lived experience with palliative care” with Cheyenne Hoppe and Claire Olson

Summer 2019

Martin Cenek, Computer Science: "Analyzing Solid Waste Composition from Aerial Surveillance" with Sam Lemly

Laurie Dizney, Biology: "Habitat Restoration for the Imperiled Western Monarch Butterfly on the Franz Campus" with Courtney Gima

Andrew Eshleman, Philosophy: Agency at its Best: The Virtue of Some Religious Models with Isabel Cortens

Nicole Ralston, Education: "Involving Practitioner-Scholars in Research-Practice Partnerships" with Rachel Blakely

Giannina Reyes-Giardiello, Spanish: "Turning Tables: The impact of pseudoscientific practices and writings in the construction of modernity in Argentina at the beginning of the 20th century" with Jazmin Moreno

Sarina Saturn, Psychological Sciences: "Biopsychosocial research of mother-grandmother-infant triads" with Valerie Truong