2015-16 Awards | University of Portland

2015-16 Awards

Spring 2016 Awards

Ami Ahern-Rindell, Biology — "The Efficacy of Pharmacological Chaperones on Enzyme Activity in a Unique Model of Ovine GM1-Gangliosidosis" with Michalah Leffler

Nicole Auxier, Nursing — "Job Satisfaction and Retention Among DEU and Traditional Clinical Teachers" with Benjamin Stadelman

Olivia Coiado, Electrical Engineering — "Virtual Instrument for Experimental Studies in Biosignals" with Walker Frank

Ted Eckmann, Environmental Studies — "Hydrologic Analysis of the University of Portland" with Calli VanderWilde

Angela Hoffman, Chemistry — "An efficient 'green' method for purifying taxol" with Lukas Magee and Isabelle Nguyen

Lorretta Krautscheid, Nursing — "Clinical practice experiences contributing to moral distress among BSN students: A descriptive qualitative study" with Conor Livingston and Austin Smith

Shannon Mayer, Physics — "Holographic Interferometery" with Meagan Koeroghlian and Andrew Williams

Cara Poor, Civil Engineering — "Comparison of runoff water quality from the Shiley Hall ecoroof and regular roof" with Sean Gestson

Anissa Rogers, Social Work — "Person Centered and Participant Directed Social Services: An Exploration of Needs and Perceptions of Older Veterans" with Jessica Fuller and Marie Ramage

Tammy VanDeGrift, Computer Science — "Computationally Modeling microRNA and gene expression in T cells of mice" with Sara Perkins

Summer 2016 Awards

Mark Eifler, History — "The Portland History Project" with Alex York

Anne Pitsch Santiago, Political Science — "Analysis of Land Policy Rhetoric in East Africa: What leaders say about the relationships between modernization, land use, and development goals" with Samantha Delucchi