Fitness Class Schedule


Spring Term Fitness Classes Start Monday January 24th!


Specialty Classes 

Friday’s 5:00PM –5:45PM Country Line Dancing & Square-Dancing W/ Audrey (Studio 45) 

On the Following Dates: 2/4 & 2/18 & 3/11 With More Dates to Come!!!! 



5:00PM – 5:55PM Pilot Fit W/ Madi (Functional Fitness) 

6:00PM – 6:55PM HIIT W/ Jennifer (Studio 30) 

7:00PM – 7:55PM Yoga Sculpt W/ Sam (Studio 30) 

8:00PM – 8:55PM Zumba W/ Jessica (Studio 45) 


8:00AM – 8:45AM Weightlifting W/ Olivia (Weight Room) 

5:00PM - 5:45PM Pilot Cycle W/ Michael (Studio 20) 

6:00PM – 6:55PM Pilot Fit W/ Sydney (Functional Fitness) 

7:00PM – 7:55PM Conditioning & Flexibility W/ Cam (Studio 30) 

8:00PM – 8:55PM Pilates Yoga Fusion W/ Shelly (Studio 45) 

9:00PM – 9:55PM Train Like a Boxer W/ Santiago (Studio 20) 


7:05AM – 7:50AM Intro Weightlifting W/ Kayla (Weight Room) 

8:00AM –8:45AM Vinyasa Yoga W/ Shelly (Studio 30) 

5:00PM – 5:55PM Pilot Fit W/ Madi (Functional Fitness) 

6:00PM – 6:55PM Zumba Strength W/ Jessica (Studio 45)   

7:00PM – 7:55PM Barre W/ Katie (Studio 45)   

8:00PM – 8:55PM Dance it UP (Formerly Zoula) W/ Zoe & Megan (Studio 45) 


8:00AM – 8:30AM Restorative Yoga & Meditation W/ Jacob (Studio 30)  

6:00PM – 7:00PM HIIT W/ Kelly (Studio 30) 

7:00PM – 7:55PM Hatha Flow Yoga W/ Karen (Studio 45) 

8:00PM – 8:55PM Pilot Cycle & Strength W/ Rachel (Studio 30) 

8:00PM – 8:55PM Zumba w/ Kamryn (Studio 45) 

9:00PM – 9:55PM Boxing Technique W/ Santiago (Studio 20)  


11:00AM –11:55AM Pilot Cycle & Strength W/ Michael (Studio 30) 


5:00PM – 5:45PM Pilot Cycle W/ Rachel (Studio 20) 

6:00PM – 6:55PM Uplift W/ Various Weightlifting instructors (Weight Room) 

7:00PM – 7:55PM Vinyasa Yoga W/ Katie (Studio 45) 

8:00PM – 8:30PM Restorative Yoga & Meditation W/ Jacob (Studio 30) 


Faculty Staff Monday – Friday 12:05PM – 12:45PM: 

Monday‘s: Vinyasa Yoga W/ Katie (Studio 30) 

Tuesday’s: Sweaty 20/Rowing W/ Julee & Ryan (Studio 30) 

Wednesday’s: Hatha Flow Yoga W/ Karen (Studio 30) 

Thursday’s: HIIT/Cycling W/ Jennifer & Rachel (Studio 30)  

Friday’s: Zumba W/ Austin (Studio 45)   


*Tuesday’s & Thursday’s faculty staff classes will be a rotation