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The intramural sports program at the University of Portland offers friendly sports competition  to UP students, faculty and staff.  All students are welcome to play, and many of our leagues have skill levels to welcome new and experienced players.

Our leagues are open to all current UP students, faculty, and staff, and it is our aim to be inclusive of our entire UP community.  If an intramural sport has a gender-related specification, players participate as the gender they identify as, and non-binary participants play in the league that best fits who they feel comfortable competing against. 

We have removed gender-specific requirements in some leagues, to better serve non-binary and transgender students.  We maintain some co-rec and women's leagues in the interest of offering conditions that foster inclusion and competition for women, including transgender participants who identify as women and non-binary participants who wish to compete against women.  Our goal is inclusivity, and we want participants to find the best fit for themselves.  Please let us know if we can help.

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How do you form a team?  Friends from residence halls, classes, the Rec Center and around campus join to form teams.  If you don't know people who play your sport, you can sign up as a free agent.

The Sports Club program in Student Activities is a great arena if you're looking to compete against other schools.

Good sportsmanship is very important to us at UP and our leagues require it.  The Spirit of the Game (S.O.G.) system rewards teams who demonstrate good behavior in intramural sports competition. Teams receive a S.O.G. rating after each match and are required to have an average S.O.G. score of at least 4.5 to be eligible for the playoffs. Teams with high S.O.G. scores also may receive a seeding advantage in the playoffs. Good spirit of the game breeds fun and community in our leagues!

Student Employees
Our intramural staff of sports officials, supervisors and student coordinators are 100% UP students. We work together to train our staff to be knowledgeable and professional while they are scheduling, managing and officiating leagues, matches and tournaments.