Student Leaders

The University of Portland residence halls offer a variety of leadership positions for students to consider while living on campus. Student leadership and involvement contribute to a strong and vibrant residence hall community. The following are several leadership opportunities students can pursue to engage more deeply in their college experiences. For more information, please contact us at

Hall Council

Each residence hall has a Hall Council consisting of officers and wing representatives. Hall Councils exist to enhance the residence hall community through programming, advocacy, and hall improvements. Hall Council members work closely with residence life staff to promote positive change and foster tradition, in an effort to provide students with an exceptional residence hall experience.

If you are interested in participating in your hall's Hall Council, please see your assistant hall director for more information.

Faith & Formation Ambassadors (FFA)

Faith & formation ambassadors are supported by a team from Campus Ministry, the Moreau Center, the Office of Residence Life, and the Department of Theology. Faith & formation ambassadors live in the residence halls and serve to connect students to opportunities for faith development in the halls and on campus. Faith & formation ambassadors participate in a variety of activities, including assisting with the first-year Connect retreat, the hall retreat team, and Religious Education for Exceptional People (REX). Students in the program also take a one-credit theology course each semester.

Intercultural Engagement Ambassadors

Intercultural engagement ambassadors are sponsored by International Student Services, the Department of International Languages & Cultures, the Office of Student Activities, and the Office of Residence Life. Intercultural engagement ambassadors live and work in each residence hall to increase intercultural competency and awareness. Students take a one-credit course on intercultural communication and have the opportunity to learn from a diverse group of leaders from both inside and outside the University. 

Service and Justice Coordinators (SJC)

Each service and justice coordinator helps connect interested students to numerous volunteer opportunities, such as Habitat for Humanity, soup kitchens, tutoring, environmental agencies, or individualized interests. If you would like more information about the SJC position, please contact the Moreau Center.

Sustainability Innovation Ambassadors

Sustainability innovation ambassadors are sponsored by the Department of Environmental Studies and the Office of Residence Life. Sustainability innovation ambassadors live in each residence hall and work to increase awareness of environmental issues within the residence halls. They participate in a one-credit sustainability course during the academic year. Sustainability innovation ambassadors also collaborate with student groups, such as the College Ecology Club, to work on specific projects.

Peer Wellness Ambassadors

Peer Wellness Ambassadors understand the importance of health and wellness and the value of connecting to resources on campus in order to be successful while at the University of Portland. Through support from the School of Nursing, Health and Counseling Center, Beauchamp Recreation and Wellness Center, and Residence Life, Peer Wellness Ambassadors help foster a healthy environment within the residence halls by connecting their peers with mental and physical health and wellness resources that allow each member of our community to thrive and sustain the challenges, rigors, and stress of pursuing an academic degree while living in intentional community in a university residence hall. 

Academic Resource Ambassadors

Academic Resource Ambassadors understand the importance and value of connecting to academic resources on campus in order to be academically successful while at the University of Portland. With support from the Clark Library, Shepard Academic Resource Center, Learning Assistance Counseling, Learning Commons, and Residence Life, the Academic Resource Ambassadors help foster an academic environment within the residence halls that breeds success by connecting their peers with academic resources, and developing and promoting academic success initiatives for the academic well-being of all members of their hall community. 

More information about student leadership opportunities for current UP students