Event Planning Protocols

Event Parameters

  1. Event Planners are encouraged to use Engage to advertise all events and make them available to the campus community
  2. Virtual events are recommended, using such platforms as Microsoft Teams or Zoom.
  3. Successful in-person events will allow for participants to enter, maintain, and exit with proper 6 ft. physical distancing.
  4. Due to the understanding for how COVID-19 transmits from one person to another, certain types of indoor events will not be permitted such as vocal performances, dances, and other activities that require close personal contact.


Attendance Limits

  1. While under Phase 1 of Governor Brown’s Oregon Re-opening plan, all indoor, in-person events and social gatherings will be limited to 10 attendees or less. As Multnomah County is approved to move forward into Phase 2 and beyond, this limit will expand.
  2. The University Events department will update event planners of event space occupancy rates throughout the varying phases.
  3. Event planners will observe appropriate occupancy rates for campus classrooms, venues, and outdoor spaces as administered by University Events, and will cap participation levels as necessary for the size of space that will be used.


Attendance Tracking

  1. Event planners will be responsible for tracking and monitoring attendance.
  2. Event planners are encouraged to use Engage for event registration and attendance tracking.
  3. Event planners will establish a communication plan for notifying event participants for any necessary updates to event participation (venue change, cancellation, etc.)


Venue Set Up

  1. Event planners will ensure access/egress routes are clearly marked and ensure proper 6 ft. distancing as participants enter and exit the event. Event planners may be asked to alter arrival/start times if multiple events are occurring in proximity to one another.
  2. While seating in auditoriums and classrooms will be clearly marked, event planners will prepare diagrams in open spaces for seating/standing arrangements that maintain proper 6 ft. distancing for all participants.
  3. Event planners will ensure that it will not be necessary for events supplies to be shared (pens, pads of paper, etc.) and when possible, such supplies are pre-set.
  4. For the safety of our catering staff, catering orders should be delivered prior to the start of the event (or during a break period) and not during the event.
  5. Commonly used event spaces will have hand sanitation stations and trash containers at each entrance/exit. However, event planners will coordinate participant access to a supply of day use masks, trash containers, sanitation wipes or other appropriate cleaning supplies as necessary. Event planners will ensure there is adequate signage for informing participants of physical distancing expectations, face mask guidelines, and any other safety issues related to participating in the event.
  6. Event planners are encouraged to arrange for appropriate technology, and to acquire the knowledge of the usage of such technology at the venue that would allow more participants to join the event remotely.



  1. In most cases, guests and visitors from outside of the University community will be restricted from attending events hosted on campus.
  2. Events planners are advised to invite guests who are not members of the UP community (i.e., speakers or performers) to interact with their audience remotely via Zoom, Teams, or Skype.
  3. In cases, where it may be appropriate for a guest to be invited to speak, perform, meet, or otherwise engage in person with community members, event planners will make a written request to their supervisor, detailing the rationale behind and value in bringing the visitor to campus and what precautions will be taken if approval is granted.


Off Campus Events

  1. The protocols for hosting events off campus are congruent with the protocols outlined in this document for on campus events.
  2. Additional approval is required per the University’s Travel Policy.