Olivia Anderson ’17 | University of Portland

Olivia Anderson ’17

Olivia AndersonRegistered Nurse

Major: Nursing

Being part of a medical team that is dedicated to health care for Oregonians is rewarding. Not only do we work to improve individual health, but we also contribute to science and learning for the entire community.

I experienced care and compassion firsthand from nurses and health care teams throughout my childhood. Those positive encounters led me to pursue a nursing degree so that I could provide that same type of care to others.

Although this profession is considered by others to be stressful, I enjoy having to use different methods and nursing knowledge to help each patient. The School of Nursing taught me countless lessons on how to manage time, stay organized, and participate in the community. I completed my capstone in a labor and delivery unit, which I loved.

I learned so much from my preceptor, not only about labor and delivery, but also about other areas of nursing. Working in a hospital setting as a student was invaluable. Because of these experiences, I feel well prepared for the challenges ahead. I also believe this preparation allowed me to quickly find employment. To me, being a good nurse means committing myself to pulling together all resources available to help every patient.

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