Megan Lester '15 | University of Portland

Megan Lester '15

Megan LesterFreelance writer in Hamburg, Germany

Majors: English and German Studies

My English professors and working at UP’s Writing Center gave me the confidence to pursue writing as a career. My German professors and studying in Austria prepared me well to live and work in Germany.

After graduating from UP, I received a Fulbright scholarship to work in Hamburg, Germany, as an assistant in middle and high school classes teaching English. I loved getting to know the students and living in Hamburg, and initially planned to stay in Germany after my Fulbright scholarship.

But a new opportunity arose, and I took a position as a German-speaking editorial assistant in Boston. As an English and German studies major, this job was the perfect combination of these two passions. Working as an editorial assistant allowed me to dive into the publishing world and to get a feel for the trade. But ultimately, I knew I wanted to return to Germany.

I now am living again in Hamburg and working as a freelance writer and editor. I write regularly for a blog and database for students and professionals seeking fellowships and scholarships. I also write and edit articles for various websites and blogs and translate for a German/English language website.

Being a freelancer allows me to work remotely with flexible work hours, which has been a great fit, as I’ve been able to travel around the globe while working. Majoring in English and German studies, as well as participating in the study abroad and Fulbright programs, really set the stage for what I’m doing now.

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