Joe Novello '04

Photo of Joe NovelloFounder, CEO of NurseGrid

Major: Nursing

I started my first company, a corporate health and safety company, in my dorm room. After graduation, I became a registered nurse. I was frustrated with the operational inefficiencies within healthcare, so after only a year of nursing, I also began developing the idea and writing a business plan for NurseGrid, which officially began in 2013 with five employees. We will soon have a team of nearly 20.

The NurseGrid Mobile app allows nurses to set their own schedules, communicate with colleagues, swap work shifts, and manage their nursing certifications. My goal is to give hospitals tools to drive down the costs associated with nurse scheduling and staffing so that we can inch closer to a sustainable healthcare delivery system.

Our next project, NurseGrid Manager, will allow nurse managers to use a tool to connect and communicate with nurses in their department. I want NurseGrid to be ubiquitous in the world of nursing—not because nurses are required to adopt it, but because our solution truly solves communication, scheduling, and staffing issues.

I still continue working part-time as a nurse while running my tech company. The University’s nursing program and the Franz Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Innovation prepared me to be both a leader and an entrepreneur.

NurseGrid was recognized by Portland Business Journal as one of fifteen “Small Business Innovation Award” winners in 2016. 


University of Portland
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