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Community Partnerships

The Moreau Center partners with local organizations and non-profits that share similar values of service, social justice, solidarity, reflection, and commitment to community. Partnering with community organizations provides opportunities for University of Portland students to learn through community engagement. These partnerships allow students to meet community identified needs in a mutually beneficial act of service.

Campus Volunteer Coordinators (CVCs)

The Moreau Center partners with specific community organizations who host a campus volunteer coordinator each year. These student leaders serve as liaisons between these organizations and UP students to promote and arrange ongoing service.  We currently have partnerships with the following organizations:

Community Service Work Study

The Community Service Work Study (CSWS) program lets students earn a portion of their federal work study financial aid by providing services to a local non-profit organization.  We work with many local non-profits and are open to starting new partnerships.  If you are a non-profit interested in having a Community Service Work Study student, please email  Find out more about the CSWS program.

Other Opportunities

As resources allow, we respond to requests to share one-time volunteer opportunities with UP students. To provide details about an opportunity, contact us at 503-943-7132 or moreaucenter@up.eduThere are many organizations in the Portland Metro Area that have welcomed UP students to engage with them for one-time or ongoing service.  You can visit their websites to learn more about their volunteer opportunities.