Information for Community Partners

Students who have federal work study within their financial aid packages must apply for positions through the Moreau Center to be considered for Community Service Work Study (CSWS). 

CSWS student workers do not have to provide direct service to clients, although we would encourage organizations, when possible, to create opportunities for such. However, student workers can provide indirect service such as office work, research, general program support, or event planning. CSWS work must, in some way, clearly benefit the community, directly or indirectly. Additionally, a CSWS student worker cannot fill an already created paid position on staff and thus replace someone who would have received payment from your organization for the same position.

Each summer, the Moreau Center solicits CSWS job proposals from local community partners and non‐profit organizations. Job placements at CSWS partner sites are limited, and partners are encouraged to re‐apply each year for positions.

Regarding CSWS, the Moreau Center will seriously consider job proposals from partners who can provide the following:

  • A position that offers work that will benefit the community it seeks to serve
  • A position that offers interesting or engaging work (values the student worker’s skills, interests, and field of study)
  • A willing, consistent, and committed supervisor who will be a resource to the CSWS student worker and to the Moreau Center

How is student eligibility determined?

Students apply to receive work study funds by filling out a FAFSA form. Work study allotments are granted based on financial need, not academic standing. Allotments are currently capped at $2,400 for most students. Allotments will be verified at the beginning of the term with each student.  

Who pays the student’s wages?

The University will pay 100% of the student’s wages on a bi‐monthly basis. However, the CSWS student worker supervisor is responsible for monitoring the student’s hours worked and verifying a bi‐monthly timesheet. Details on this process will be included in the approved job proposal packet.

What dates throughout the year can a student work?

Students may only work during the academic year and not during the summer months. 

How much can a student work per week?

Regarding student work schedules, priority policies to keep in mind are as follows:   

  • Students may work up to 20 hours per week (Monday through Sunday) between all student jobs when classes are in session.
  • Students may work up to 40 hours per week (Monday through Sunday) between all jobs when classes are not in session.
  • Students may not work over 40 hours per week. Students who violate the 40 hour per week regulation will immediately lose their student employment privileges.  
  • Students may work up to 8 hours per day, between all student jobs, and must take at least a 30 minute unpaid lunch break when working 6 or more consecutive hours in one day.  
  • Students may hold up to 3 open student employment positions on campus at any one time.

The University has systems in place to ensure that students are adhering to these policies. The related responsibility of the CSWS supervisor will be to sign timesheets to verify hours worked by the student.

Additionally, because the student is paid through their Federal Work Study allotment, the total number of hours worked is governed by the allotment of the specific student.  

Once a student earns all of their allotment for the year, they are no longer eligible to be employed by the CSWS program but can continue as a volunteer with your organization if they and the organization desire.

CSWS students will be paid minimum wage for the 2017-18 academic year. (Example: If a student has a $3,000 work study allotment and is paid $11.25 per hour, the student is eligible to work up to 266 hours in total. If the student worked each of the 35 weeks from September  1 through April 30 (including academic breaks), the student could consistently work 7.5 hours per week without going over their allotment.)

With these points in mind, it is up to the organization and the student to work out a schedule that is suitable to both parties and takes the student’s work study allotment, course load, and schedule into account.

You may also find it helpful to review the student employment information on the Office of Financial Aid website. 

How long is my Federal Work Study Agreement in effect?

Once you have hired a student and signed the Federal Work Study Agreement, the contract is in effect as long as there is an eligible student continuously placed in your organization. The summer break does not nullify this contract. The terms of the contract only require a student to be placed during the Fall and Spring semesters for the agreement to stay in effect. At the beginning of the year, the Moreau Center will verify whether a previous contract is still current.

Will my agency have the same student for the duration of the agreement?

It depends. You are welcome to hire a student for just one semester or for as long as they are eligible to work for you. Some students will work for the same agency for 2 or more years, while some will only work one semester. When you hire your student, make your expectations known and ask the intentions of the student for the length of their employment. If your student worker does leave your agency, let the Moreau Center know ASAP so we can start recruiting students to find a replacement as soon as possible.

Is transportation available for student workers for CSWS positions?

While the Moreau Center offers small vehicle assistance to students who are volunteering in the Portland Metro area, these vehicles are not available for CSWS use. The Moreau Center does encourage students to use public transportation to access our community partners or consider a Zipcar membership. Any organizations willing to assist in offering their students TriMet tickets or public transportation assistance are welcome to do so.

Where can I find additional information about working with students?

Visit our Supervising Students page.

How do I apply for CSWS? 

Applications and details about the application process will be posted soon. 

Who is our contact person for CSWS with the Moreau Center at the University of Portland?

Tshombé Brown is Program Manager for Community Partnerships for the Moreau Center and manages the CSWS program. He can be reached by email at or by phone at 503-943-8195.