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Information for Students

How do I apply for CSWS? 

All available CSWS positions are posted on the University of Portland Student Job Board. In the Student Job Search box, type "CSWS." (Alternatively, Click here for CSWS positions currently seeking applicants.)

How is student eligibility determined?

Students apply to receive work study funds by filling out a FAFSA form. Contact the UP Financial Aid Office if you have questions about your eligibility by phone (503-943-7311) or by email.

Who pays my wages?

The University will pay 100% of the student’s wages on a bi‐monthly basis. Click here for the Student Pay Schedule. The CSWS student worker supervisor is responsible for monitoring the student’s hours worked and verifying a bi‐monthly timesheet.

What dates throughout the year can I work?

Students may only work during the academic year and not during the summer months. 

How much can I work per week?

Students work schedules will be governed by the policies of both the University of Portland and the host site where their work will take place.  For information about University of Portland Student Employment policies, please click here to access the Student Employment Student Handbook.

Additionally, because the student is paid through their Federal Work Study allotment, the total number of hours worked is governed by the allotment of the specific student. Once a student earns all of their allotment for the year, they are no longer eligible to be employed by the CSWS program but can continue as a volunteer with the organization if they and the organization desire.

CSWS students are paid the current minimum wage in the Portland Metro area plus 75 cents.

How do I get to my CSWS site? 

You may drive, walk, bike, or use public transportation to access your work site. Moreau Center vehicles are not available for CSWS use.

Organizations willing and able to assist in offering students TriMet tickets or other transportation assistance are welcome to do so.

Learn more about how to get to your service site here

Where can I find additional details regarding student employment?

For more information, review the Office of Financial Aid website.