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Community Service Work Study

What Is Community Service Work Study?

The Community Service Work Study (CSWS) program is part of the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program. Federal Work Study (FWS) enables college and university students in financial need to receive government aid in the form of a grant for work performed in a job. FWS also allows colleges and universities to employ work study students as an extra employee at a fraction of the cost. Students in return have the opportunity to earn their work study allotment. 

FWS jobs are generally on-campus positions. Off-campus positions in partnership with nonprofit organizations, while still part of the FWS program, are referred to as CSWS positions.

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University of Portland pays 100% of students’ wages on a bi‐monthly basis. Community partners are responsible for the hiring and supervision of the student in addition to monitoring necessary paperwork, and potentially providing an evaluation(s) of the CSWS program.