Experience Immersion

Program Update for 2020-21

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact on our programs, all immersion experiences are on hold for the 2020-21 academic year. Any updates to our plans will be posted here. 


Alternative breaks and immersions are a valuable way to learn from and immerse yourself in diverse communities. These three-day to three-week experiences provide students with a hands-on, close-up view of different populations and socioeconomic issues in Oregon, Washington, other parts of the United States, and other countries. Most immersions include opportunities for direct service, and all invite students to hear diverse perspectives that can expand their understanding of critical social issues.

“All this used to be a section of a textbook that was glazed over within a whitewashed curriculum, but to stand where they stood, on the pavement where blood was spilled and slaves walked in chains, in the air that filled and escaped their lungs, we are changed. We understand more about what matters and what still needs to be done, and we feel the scars of what they felt. I have gained a sense of courage through them and for them, and I am confident that this feeling will keep burning in me as I find my feet planted in Portland once again.”

--Hannah Schoen '17, Civil Rights Immersion participant, May 2016 

“I have been able to see a world outside anything I have ever known.”

--Katie Ha '17, India Immersion participant, May 2016 

Browse through the possibilities and contact Program Manager for Immersion, Tyler Wagner, or  the designated student coordinator for more information.

students with kids during Nicaragua Immersion