Paying Your Bill

The difference between charges and financial aid listed under the Reference: Accepted but Not Paid portion of the account statement is due on or before May 1, 2023 for all summer semester sessions, August 7, 2023 for fall semester, and January 3, 2024 for spring semester. Students may subtract expected loan funds before remitting payment only if all requirements were submitted prior to the Financial Aid Priority Deadline of July 10. Pending scholarships and grants that have been reported to the Office of Financial Aid and are listed under the Reference: Accepted but not Paid portion of your account statement may also be subtracted before remitting payment. Loan funds or any other sources of financial aid not reflected on the Reference: Accepted but Not Paid portion of the account statement by the due date will not be considered when assessing late fees.

Payment is due on the published due date. If you’re registered after the published due date, tuition is due at the time of registration. You may subtract pending financial aid funds from the amount due if all required paperwork was submitted to the Financial Aid office prior to the Priority Deadline. If you are registered after the priority deadline, then you must make arrangements to pay your balance and reimburse yourself with financial aid. Your account is subject to a late fee if there is a balance at any time after the due date.

Students must make financial arrangements for any unpaid portion of their bill with the Office of Student Accounts by the due date to be financially cleared. Payments for charges and adjustments incurred after the due date are due at the time of adjustment.

While the University of Portland does accept institutional payments (loans, scholarships) in excess of billed amounts in order to cover living and other expenses; it does not accept direct payments from parents or other non-institutional sources in excess of the billed amount.  Any such amounts should be paid directly to the student.

Please note that student accounts with a balance after the due date are subject to late payment fees and/or student account holds.

Students assume full financial responsibility for all costs incurred as a result of enrollment at the University of Portland, regardless of who pays the bill on their behalf. It is the students' responsibility to be aware of their account balance and financial aid information, and to maintain current valid address information at all times to ensure receipt of all University correspondence in a timely manner. Students are responsible for all educational debt charged to their student account. Students should take the initiative to understand their rights and responsibilities as well as the deadlines associated with enrollment.

How can students stay informed of their responsibilities?

  •  Read emails sent by the Offices of Student Accounts and Financial Aid regarding important deadlines.
  •  Review the Tuition and Fees and Payment Schedule portion of the University Bulletin.
  •  Be aware of the refund policy and deadlines for dropping courses or withdrawing from the University.
  •  Keep informed via the student accounts website. The homepage has a calendar of important dates to help you.
  • Communication is key. Contact the student accounts and/or financial aid offices as soon as you are aware of any payment issues or if you have questions. Do not wait until a deadline has passed before asking for help!

If you would like more information please contact the student accounts office at 503.943.7347 or