Character Project

Each year 30 students are invited to participate in "The Character Project," a weekly class in which students engage in guided discussions as to how personal value systems and beliefs can influence moral character. 

The student experience...

I am so grateful for the opportunity that The Character Project provided to more deeply explore my values and beliefs before entering the work force. I gained an increased appreciation and understanding of others’ perspectives that built the foundation for my future interactions with people from all walks of life. I take the insights I learned through The Character Project with me and apply them daily. - Allie Adelman '14

The ways that The Character Project asks more of us as individuals, friends, and contributors to business and society is something I knew I also wanted to be an integral part of my MBA journey. - Jordan Schiemer '15

I participated in The Character Project during my last semester at UP. The experience confirmed the importance of my liberal arts education by pushing me to grow as an individual as well as an engineer. The readings and discussions in class prompted me to incorporate content from other classes I had taken, such as sociology and ethics, with both my role as an engineering researcher and my daily interactions with friends, family, and coworkers. - Shannon Danforth '16

Having taken the class has made me better able to approach problems by coming at them from multiple angles and feeling comfortable talking through my opinions with others who may have their own ideas. In the future, I am hoping to go to medical school, and I know that being able to think through an ethical dilemma and being okay with no one right answer is going to be a useful skill. - Ariana Giblin '19

To be able to discuss how our values and beliefs can influence moral character with a diverse group of caring students from across campus, to be able to break bread in the evening and share in each other’s stories, reflections, and deep thoughts around this centrally human question—this was one of the most formative experiences I had on the Bluff. - Ryan Gillespie '14