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Glimpses of Character and Ethics in 2020

For 2020, the inaugural year of the Dundon-Berchtold Institute's "Glimpses" project, the theme that shaped the contributed pieces was "Glimpses of Character and Ethics" from what proved to be a remarkably strange and challenging year.

Below, enjoy the special, sacred stories shared by members of the DBI/UP community as they reflect on moments in the year when they witness or experienced character in action.


Bill Reed

Bill Reed - Class of 1972

"This concept of poverty is not just the lower level, it is filtering up. And more and more people have a need than ever before. As I think of that, we need to as a nation and as a people, we need to start supporting each other. Through supporting each other, it’s the only way we are ever going to obtain a better society. We need to help each other."

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Lydia Heye

Lydia Heye - Class of 2019

"The pandemic forced many of us to move our entire world onto our desktop screens, in the process eliminating many everyday inconveniences like commuting in traffic or going to meetings that could have been emails. However, the pandemic did not eliminate racism. If anything, it drew it out into the light."

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Donald Wilson

Donald Wilson - Class of 2006

"For those that know me, I’m a basketball coach in the Vancouver area. I have the unique opportunity to mentor and train roughly 50, about 75 kids at any given time. As of March of 2020, amateur sports were put on pause due to the pandemic, as we all know. Gyms had limited capacity and eventually closed. Leagues and tournaments cancelled. Leaving coaches, parents, and anyone who was involved in any young athlete’s life looking for creative ways to keep them active. "

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Scott Grainger

Scott Grainger - Class of 1994

"Has 2020 been easy? Absolutely not, but through it all, I’ve found so many reasons to be thankful. There are countless people who have gone out of their way to help us in our adoption process. I’ve had more and different opportunities to connect with our son than I otherwise would have."

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Alex Calvert

Alex Calvert - Class of 2014

"Little did I expect that the entire world would be thrown into the crucible together this year, even as I found myself on exciting precipices: a year into a new city and job after 10 years in Portland and, more importantly, I was in the healthiest relationship I’d ever been in."

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Kene Anigbogu

Kene Anigbogu - Class of 2018

"I left America a certain way and came back in the midst of a pandemic. And especially being in California, everything's shut down. So I could recall just looking outside my window and seeing no one on the streets, which is something I’m not used to at all. But despite that, I was able to be around my brothers."

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Nick Krautscheid

Nick Krautscheid - Class of 2019

"I am hoping to talk to you about my unique glimpses of being a middle school teacher in this crazy year of 2020. Now usually when we think of middle schoolers, it’s not a list of their virtues or outstanding character that comes to mind. But this unique group of 7th and 8th graders I had the opportunity to work with really changed my perspective and gave me a renewed hope for the future."

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Shannon Mayer

Shannon Mayer

"I am a scientist, schooled in curiosity; trained to be seeking, discovering, busy. Stillness and waiting don’t come naturally. And yet, I discovered that emptiness holds a promise. It can guide us on the way."

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Georgia (Wilson) Ullmann

Georgia (Wilson) Ullmann - Class of 2013

"This year has changed me personally and professionally. It has softened my heart by showing me how precious and fragile life is, but it has also strengthened my passion for working to keep our communities healthy and safe."

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Joe Sleven

Joe Sleven - Class of 2013

"I’ll leave this period of our lives with more intention and purpose than I’ve ever had before, and I know I’m not the only one who feels that way."

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Noah Lamberger

Noah Lamberger - Class of 2023

"My standards for myself are still impossibly high and I haven't figured out how to let go of doing everything yet, but 2020 has taught me (and forced me) to slow down and focus on doing my best instead of doing things perfectly. I am working on granting myself grace and taking pride in both the process and the final product."

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