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2019 Projects

Application of Ethics Projects

Eric Anctil, PhD, and Jessica Lorenz ’19 EdD, School of Education
Project: "’Welcome to College—How’s Your Digital Diet?’ Creating and Promoting Ethical Digital Literacy in the Orientation Experience of Incoming College Students"
Christina Astorga, PhD, and Elijah Waxman ’20, College of Arts and Sciences (Theology)
Project: "Ethics and Archaeology: Excavating Ancient Human Remains"
Andrew Downs, PhD, and Chloe Tanega ’19, College of Arts and Sciences (Psychology)
Project: "Addictive Technology: Ethical Implications of Behavioral Engineering"
Benjamin Gallegos, PhD, and Alyssa Yoshimura ’20, School of Education
Project: "At a Crisis with the Lack of Special Education Teachers Serving Students with Disabilities: An Ethical Dilemma in Teaching and Learning"
Martin Monto, PhD, and Emma Howard ’20, College of Arts and Sciences (Sociology/Social Work)
Project: "Unequal Distribution of Environmental Risks and Hazards in Portland, Oregon"
Anne Pitsch Santiago, PhD, and Sam Starkey ’19, College of Arts and Sciences (Political Science)
Project: "Power and Persuasion: An Ethical Examination of East African Leaders’ Agenda-Setting on Land Reform and Modernization"