Ethics Week 2022 | University of Portland

Ethics Week 2022

The last two pandemic-impacted years have presented unique challenges and changes for all. Acknowledging diverse experiences, many are left asking the same question on individual, community, and global levels: Where do we go from here?

During Ethics Week 2022, we engaged this question from myriad perspectives and disciplines represented by different members of the vibrant, resilient Portland community and beyond.


Events and Offerings

students listen to professor explain in innovation lab

Panel: Wednesday, February 2, 2022, 7:00-8:00pm

Our free livestreamed panel featured three Portland-area professionals from the fields of healthcare, sports, and communication/technology as they discussed how the pandemic has impacted their companies and them personally--and what grounding, guiding values they hold to.

Click HERE to enjoy the recording of the livestreamed event! 

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Jocelyn Rice speaking over a Zoom call

Conversations from the Community

Enjoy a collection of thoughtful, inspiring recorded conversations with professionals from Portland and other communities who represent diverse disciplines and perspectives but who all are finding ways to respond with curiosity and compassion to the ever-changing needs of our world.

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