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2020 Projects

Application of Ethics Projects

Lauren AlfreyPhD, College of Arts and Sciences (Sociology), and Cole Holbrook ’21, School of Engineering
Project: "An Exploration of Ethical Implications of Artificial Intelligence Technologies Designed to Have a Gender"
Eric AnctilPhD, and Claire Breiholz ’20, School of Education
Project: "The Art of Getting Lost: The Panopticon Effect and the Moral, Ethical, and Social Considerations of Location Surveillance by Well-meaning Peers"
Alexa DarePhD, and Autumn Fluetsch ’20, College of Arts and Sciences (Communication)
Project: "The Kids are Alright: The Intergenerational Ethics of Youth-led Environmental Activism"
Benjamin GallegosPhD, and Thomas Mensing ’21, School of Education
Project: "Middle School Students with Learning Disabilities Attending Urban Schools: Examining the Intersections of Math Instruction, Socioeconomic Status, and Ethics"
Mehmet InanDCE, PE, and Erin Jenkins ’20, School of Engineering
Project: "Ethics in Civil Engineering"
Kala MayerPhD, MPH, RN, with Natalie MacMillan ’20 and Bailey Morisak '20, School of Nursing
Project: "Towards a Trama-Informed Nursing Educational Practice"

David TurnbloomPhD, and Emily Davis '20, College of Arts and Sciences (Theology)
Project: "Cultivating Clericalism: Liturgy and the Abuse of Power" 

Rachel WheelerPhD, College of Arts and Sciences (Theology) and Meg Bender-Stephanski ’21, College of Arts and Sciences (Environmental Science & Policy)
Project: "An Investigation into the Ethics of Eco-ableism: From Shaming to Solidarity"


Ethics Curriculum Fellowships 

Radana DvorakPhD, and Ben Tribelhorn, PhD, with Hayden Liao '21 and Sarah Schibel '21, School of Engineering
Fellowship: "Ethical Accountability in Intelligent Machines"
Gregory HillPhD, and Hannah Highlander, PhD, College of Arts and Sciences (Mathematics), with Sam Rivas '20, College of Arts and Sciences (Mathematics), and Drew Gibson '21, College of Arts and Sciences (Environmental Science/French Studies)
Fellowship: "Truths, Dear Truths, and Ethics: Ethically Informed Statistical Education"
Isabelle SouléPhD, RN, and Layla Garrigues, PhD, RN, with Chivon Ou '23, Charlie Menke '22, Maya Phares-Rendon '20, and Sai Tanguturu '20, School of Nursing
Fellowship: "Meanings of the Human Body from the Perspective of Future Nurses"
Amber VermeeschPhD, MSN, RN, FNP-C, CNE, and Patricia Cox, DNP, MPH, FNP-BC, with Inga Giske '21 and Kate Roberts '25, School of Nursing
Fellowship: "Embedding and Applying Ethics in a DNP Graduate Program"