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Glimpses of Care in 2021

For "Glimpses" in 2021, the overarching theme was care and how one received or contributed to care during yet another year of difficulties and unknowns.

Whether self-care, care for another person, or care writ large on the community, regional, national, or global levels, many found this central thread woven throughout their experiences and practices in 2021. We invite you to step into these vulnerable, holy moments offered graciously by members of our community.


Simon Aihiokhai

SimonMary Aihiokhai, Ph.D.

"Our job is to read the signs of the times closely and be open to how God leads us to God’s light through the unfamiliar encounters that play out in our lives. My students and myself are God’s light to each other as we walk together in solidarity during this pandemic."

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Fay Beeler

Fay Beeler - Class of 2009

"If we are able and willing to reach out to our various communities, we can find comfort and joy in supporting one another. During these tumultuous times, it is also imperative that we allow ourselves to receive help from others, too. I believe the old adage “it takes a village” is more true now than ever."

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Nicholas Cowan

Lt. Col. Nicholas Cowan, USAF

"I learned that the best part about those who truly care is that they do not do it for vanity or accolades. They were there for me when I needed them even if it meant a delay. "

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Kelsey Davis

Kelsey Davis - Class of 2009

"The spiritual life loves the both/and, so the action of caring becomes steeped in mutuality and interdependence. As we care for ourselves, we care for each other. And as we care for each other, we care for ourselves. This is what it means to be in community. "

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Nathan DeVaughn

Nathan DeVaughn - Class of 2016

"2020 gave us an opportunity to take a deeper look at ourselves and our loved ones. It illuminated areas were people discovered that care was needed, whether that was self care, care for the environment, or learning how to care for marginalized communities. I saw 2021 as the year to execute on the care we learned about. "

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Diana Salgado Huicochea

Diana Salgado Huicochea - Class of 2020

"'Adulting' does not mean a lack of cherishing moments with loved ones nor separation from one’s family but seeing how our circle of loved ones expands. How generosity can inspire, motivate, and teach us to spread love and care to our neighbors, to our human family."

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Susan Sygall

Susan Sygall

"I'm hopeful that, in 2022, the world will continue to not get back to where it was but to create a new reality of what the world should be. It's definitely made everyone resilient to have to deal with so many things, and I'm very grateful that I'm in a home with food and I'm safe. I'm really hoping that, when I reflect back on last year, that this year the vaccination and the resources for everybody to be safe throughout the world becomes a reality. "

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