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Daniel McGinty, Ed.D. - Director

"Daniel McGinty, Ed.D. serves at the University of Portland as Director of the Dundon-Berchtold Institute for Moral Formation & Applied Ethics. For the last eight years, he has team-taught a course with the University President titled The Character Project and coordinates the campus- wide, interdisciplinary Research in the Application of Ethics program. His research interests include the durability and texture of formative and transformative learning experiences. Current initiatives include connecting professionals in Portland with students to discuss practical ethics through a dynamic storytelling protocol and internships featuring structured conversations about vocational fit and the moral moments of work."

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staff directory photo of Hannah Pick

Hannah Pick - Program Manager

"Hannah Pick serves as Program Manager in the Dundon-Berchtold Institute for Moral Formation & Applied Ethics at the University of Portland. With an M.A. in Higher Education & Student Development, her research interests include college students’ learning dispositions, faith identities, and moral development. Recent publications include book reviews with Christian Higher Education (A Time to Build, in press; On Education, Formation, Citizenship, and the Lost Purpose of Learning, 2019; Theology at the Crossroads of University, Church and Society, 2019; A New Moral Vision, 2017) and co-edited monographs through the Association for Christians in Student Development (A Calling to Care, 2018; A Faith for the Generations, 2015)."

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