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2022 Projects

Application of Ethics Projects

Ami Ahern-RindellPhD, and Christina Buselli ’22, College of Arts and Sciences (Biology)
Project: "Exploring the Ethical Implications of Using CRISPR as a Research Tool to Characterize and Potentially Treat Genetic Disorders"
Kala MayerPhD, MPH, RN, and Arden McKown '23, School of Nursing
Project: "Socio-Ecological Sources of Student Distress: Improving Educational Practices at Multiple Levels in the School of Nursing"
Oluwatoyin V. OlukotunPhDRN, and Claire McKinley Yoder, PhDRNCNE, with Shiipin Lau '23 and Sophia Alvarado '23, School of Nursing
Project: "Standardized Education for Ethical International Learning Experiences"
Rev. Timothy WinsleaMDivMSNRN, and Isabelle Soulé, PhDRN, with Alyanna Fabia '24 and Moi Dilla '24, School of Nursing
Project: "Ethical and Cultural Considerations in Organ Donation"


Ethics Curriculum Fellowships 

Lauren AlfreyPhD, and Alice Gates, PhD, with Armaan Sharma '23 and Eden Tournay '23, College of Arts and Sciences (Sociology and Social Work)
Fellowship: "Engaging Antiracist Social Policy in the Sociology and Social Work Curricula"