Noah Lamberger '23 | University of Portland

Noah Lamberger '23

Noah LambergerMajors: Philosophy & English

EPI internship: WorldOregon

What are your summer internship responsibilities?

Conducting donor and grant research, writing stories for communications, and helping with research for programming.

Why did you apply for the Ethics and the Professions Internship program?

I have an interest in applied ethics and was eager to learn about how different people and workplaces address and navigate professionalism.

How did you find out about this internship program?

My professor, Dr. McShane. 

What have you learned so far?

I have learned a lot about ethical decision-making through interviewing different professionals at WorldOregon about what kind of conflicts arise in their work and how they problem-solve.

What has been your favorite moment as an intern?

My favorite moments have been the opportunities to interview the WorldOregon staff one-on-one about their stories, carriers, and views on ethics.

Why do you believe internships are important for undergraduate students?

Internships are important for undergraduate students because you have the chance to gain experience and gather information about what you might want to do moving forward, or what kinds of tasks, values, or environment you want in your career.

Why did you come to the University of Portland?

I came to the University of Portland because I value the education and experiences the school offers.

What other experiences have made your time at UP unique?

I’m a member of the UP ethics bowl team.

What are some of your favorite memories at UP?

Competing in the Regional Ethics Bowl competition last fall.

What are your plans after you graduate?

I’d love to further my education by attending graduate school. 

How did the conversations about ethics during your internship influence how you will approach your plans after graduation?

My conversations about ethics helped me develop an understanding of what ethics looks like in a professional setting.  This will be helpful as I think about where I might want to work, what kind of organization I would like to work for, and what I might like to be doing.