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Notices & Updates

Information About Annual Salary Letters

Annual salary letters for the 2019-2020 fiscal and academic years will be distributed to faculty and staff employees in or about July and August 2019. Generally, individuals in temporary employment positions and employees who recently started working at the University will not receive annual salary letters.

 The annual salary letters refer to information about the University’s mission and values. This information can be found at the links below:

Any questions about annual salary letters should be sent to or communicated via phone at (503) 943-8484. Thank you.

Information About Updated Staff Sick Time Policy

Sick Time Buy Back Policy Prior to July 1st

Effective 2016, the State of Oregon implemented a new sick time law. UP has updated its sick time policies to be consistent with this law as well as employer best practices. Below is a summary of changes to the Sick Time Policy for Staff Employees:

Updated Staff Sick Time Policy

BOLI Sick Time Policy

Questions about the updated Staff Sick Time Policy should be sent to

Please note that the information noted here may not be applicable to all employees of the University. For example, faculty should review the information and policies in the Faculty Handbook and employment-related letters and agreements, as information in such sources would supersede the information here. As well, for certain staff, information and policies in their employment-related letters and departmental policies and directions may supersede the information here.