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Pamplin Graduate Fellowship

Pamplin Graduate Fellowships provide graduate students tuition assistance and professional opportunities in the Pamplin School of Business. Students work directly with faculty and staff on specific tasks and responsibilities. Assignments will be awarded to complement the recipient's interests. Twelve hours of work will be assigned weekly for each fifteen-week semester, and in return, students receive a tuition waiver for three credit hours per semester. Fellowships are available to academically qualified full-time students, and are not awarded based on financial need. Fellowships are awarded for one semester and are renewable through reapplication.


To apply, students should submit a letter of interest and Pamplin Graduate Fellowship Application. Students must also submit their professional résumé.

There are a limited number of Fellowships. Each one is awarded through a competitive selection process considering the following application components:

  • admissions profile, including: undergraduate GPA and coursework
  • TOEFL scores and GMAT scores
  • professional résumé
  • letter of application explaining the applicants professional and research interests
  • interview with members of the School of Business, if requested by the Dean.

*Current fellows reapplying for additional semesters will be evaluated using letters of recommendation from the faculty they currently support. The above criteria are evaluated according to the needs of each fellowship position. The weight and importance of each component may change based on the applicant pool and on the School's needs.

When a fellowship is awarded, each recipient is given a letter explaining their duties and their general assignment. Students may decline the award if they do not feel their skills are well matched with the assignment. Recipients must write a letter formally accepting or declining the fellowship position. Awards are granted before the upcoming semester, and are renewable in subsequent semesters through reapplication.

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