Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for IEW Event Hosts | University of Portland

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers for IEW Event Hosts

Thank you for your interest in hosting an event during International Education Week! Below are some frequently asked questions and answers for IEW event hosts.

How do we add our IEW event to the calendar?

Please use the IEW Event Submission form. Thank you!

What type of events are you looking for?

The IEW team wants to help promote and showcase the great work being done on campus surrounding international education and exchange. If you have a reoccurring event or meeting that will fall between November 14-19 we would be happy to promote that in the IEW calendar. You may also wish to plan a special stand-alone event to host during IEW. More ideas for possible events:

  • panel discussion
  • dance or activity workshop
  • presentation to share international experience or research
  • food or drink tasting
  • film viewing and discussion
  • language conversation table
  • open a regular club meeting to the greater UP community
  • international game night
  • guest speaker

Who plans the event?

The IEW team can offer advising and support to event hosts as needed. We ask that campus departments or student clubs plan the details of their own IEW events such as time, location, budget, space reservations, A/V requests, and catering. The IEW team will promote events as part of the IEW Calendar.

Who pays for the event?

Event hosts should plan to pay for their own event costs. The IEW team will help cover the costs of promotion of IEW in print and online. If you need a small amount of funding to help cover the cost of your event, please contact the IEW team at There may be opportunities for funding on a case by case basis.

How do we reserve a room on campus?

Most on-campus spaces are controlled by the University events office. Reservations must be made through EMS by a UP staff or faculty member. Student clubs should contact their advisor to request a room reservation.

Give your advisor all the necessary details, including:

  • Name of Event
  • Sponsoring Group
  • Date for Event
  • Time (start and end); do you need set-up or break-down time? If so, include this information, too.
  • Number of expected attendees
  • Room Preferences (include at least two back-up spaces in case the room you’d like is already booked).
  • Any Audio, Visual or Media Requests
  • Short description of the event.

We are planning on serving FOOD, any issues to consider?

Yes, thanks for asking! Bon Appétit is the only vendor authorized to cater food on campus. If you are planning to serve food at your event you should work with Bon Appétit for your catering needs. You can create an account with Bon Appétit Catering at:

If you have questions about bringing off-campus food to campus for your event, please contact Jeromy Koffler, director of student activities (  

We are planning to charge for food, items, or entrance as a fundraiser, any issues to consider?

Yes, thanks for asking! There are a few important University policies regarding fundraising, sales and solicitation. Complete the Sales and Solicitation Request Form found on the "forms" section of Engage. 

You may contact Student Activities if you have questions after reviewing the policies.

How is IEW promoted?

The IEW team will create a calendar poster of all IEW events. The poster will be printed and posted around campus, and will also be distributed digitally. The IEW team will also promote events on the IEW webpage, PilotsUP, via email and University social media channels. We also encourage event hosts to create their own digital promotional flyers or Facebook events and share the information with their constituents. If you create an event poster or flyer, please email a copy to and we will help share it.

Why is the event submission form so long?

The IEW team is excited to help promote your event. We want to make sure we have all the correct details to add to the calendar and help people find your event. You will need to work out your own plans thoroughly before submitting the form. Please submit the information as you want it to appear in print and on the IEW website.


The Office of International Student Services is open Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.