Plunge Into Your Neighborhood (PIYN) Experience Coordinator  | University of Portland

Plunge Into Your Neighborhood (PIYN) Experience Coordinator 


The Plunge Into Your Neighborhood (PIYN) Experience Coordinator will organize and lead the pre-Orientation program for first-year and transfer students, in collaboration with and under the direction and support of the Moreau Center Program Manager for Community Partnerships.   

The Coordinator imagines and co-creates the theme and vision of the event; develops community engagement projects; organizes and manages coordination details (including budgeting) before, during, and after the PIYN Experience; recruits and supports student leaders; and enlists the support of faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners to participate in the experience and execution of the 3-day event. 

This large-scale project includes a variety of administrative tasks, interaction with the larger Portland community, and direct service to and with incoming first-year and transfer students.  


  • Stipend paid in monthly installments from March or April through September  
  • Relaxed work environment with professional supervision 
  • Opportunity to learn about a wide variety of agencies in the Portland area, especially in the North Portland University Park, Portsmouth, and St. Johns Neighborhoods 
  • Leadership development, especially as it relates to Catholic Social Teaching and Moreau Center Core Commitments 
  • (If applicable) early move-in on campus in August 


The number of hours to be worked will vary, and they will necessarily increase as the PIYN Experience draws near. The following is a general guideline. 

The PIYN Coordinator commits to the PIYN Experience as their primary work responsibility from about mid-March until the mid-late September. Please speak with us about any additional commitments during this period. 

  • Flexible schedule 
  • 10-20 hours per week, depending on the month. 
  • Approximately 20 hours/week during the two weeks before the PIYN, including the possibility of work on the weekend. 
  • Leader training for the PIYN Experience the week(end) before the PIYN Experience.  
  • Full overnight attendance with PIYN Experience Participants for the duration of the Plunge. 
  • To be determined hours per week for through September to complete follow-up and wrap-up activities related to PIYN. 


  • Fflexible and creative 
  • Organized and responsible 
  • Friendly and attentive customer service
  • Ability to juggle multiple tasks and timelines
  • Good at motivating and leading peers and excellent interpersonal skills 
  • Interested in issues of social justice and service 
  • Experience volunteering in the local community preferred
  • Commitment to Moreau Center’s Core Commitments 
  • Ability to work collaboratively and to lead with discernment and humility 
  • Experience planning events is a plus 


Connect the work you do with the mission of Moreau Center and the mission of the University of Portland. 

  • Act as the primary liaison between Moreau Center and the partner agencies, under the guidance and support of the Program Manager for Community Partnerships 
  • Recruit volunteers, partner agencies, and participants 
  • Support, train, and regularly express appreciation for volunteers 
  • Coordinate in collaboration with co-coordinator and Program Manager for Community Partnerships all aspects of the design and implementation of the PIYN Experience 
  • Identify overall them, goals and objectives for PIYN, and choose partner agencies accordingly 
  • Identify and regularly communicate with partner agencies, volunteers, and participants 
  • Coordinate tasks related to agency, volunteer, and participant registration 
  • Organize relevant reflection materials for training and for the PIYN Experience 
  • Facilitate parts of leader/volunteer training and meetings during the PIYN Experience 
  • Maintain the budget by keeping accurate and up to date financial paperwork 
  • Organize and keep current all necessary participant paperwork, files, and other pertinent records 
  • Write and submit a final report that includes a timeline, budget, contact information, meeting agendas, suggestions, final copy of relevant documents, record of important communications and decisions, etc. 

**All qualified and interested students are encouraged to apply! 

Moreau Center Opportunities are open to all students, and we are particularly committed to recruitment of diverse candidates. If you have any interest at all, please apply! 

We welcome candidates who have the skills AND are still learning, growing, and motivated to take on new challenges. If you have a disability, health concern, or special dietary needs, please contact Clare Kennedy at or 503-943-8195 to co-create how to support your full participation. 

Decisions for other positions will be made on a rolling basis, until filled.