Spring Break Immersions

Border Immersion

This Immersion will not be offered in 2021

Travel to the U.S./Mexico border in Arizona for one week to learn about immigration, the global economy, and environmental and human rights issues. This immersion provides the opportunity to hear multiple perspectives on the complex issue of immigration and may include visits to a detention center, federal court, social service agencies, and human rights organizations.

View student reflections from previous participants on our Border Immersion blog.  


2020 Border Immersion - students walk in dessert

Environmental Justice Immersion

This Immersion will not be offered in 2021

Participants will learn about environmental issues such as the climate crisis, clean air and clean water in intersection with issues such as racial justice, Indigenous rights and economic justice. The immersion will be in Portland and the Columbia River Gorge and students will have the opportunity to meet with local leaders and communities.  



North Portland Immersion

This Immersion will not be offered in 2021

Participants explore issues of justice related to civil rights, education, gentrification, and other intersecting social issues that have affected the North Portland community in the past as well as the many community responses to promote positive change. Learn more about student experiences on the North Portland Immersion blog.  



Past Immersions

Affordable Housing Immersion 

Participate in this one-week Habitat for Humanity built with a group of fellow University of Portland students. The group worked on building houses within the Pacific Northwest, while learning about the broader challenges of affordable housing. This experience allowed students to immerse themselves in issues surrounding housing in the Northwest, while also building community. Students not only worked alongside peers, but also had the opportunity to collaborate with the families who become homeowners of the home the group helped to build.

Read student reflections from previous participants on our Collegiate Challenge blog.