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Plunge Into Your Neighborhood (PIYN) Experience Small Group Leader(s) 


In partnership with local and global communities, the Moreau Center for Service and Justice engages critical human and environmental concerns through active learning, mutually beneficial service, and experience-based leadership development rooted in Catholic social teaching. Our work is possible through the commitment of a team of about 30 student leaders who inspire and lead their peers in various programs.  All Moreau Center student leaders commit to the Moreau Center’s core commitments of Social Justice, Solidarity, Community and Reflection.  


As a member of the PIYN Experience, leaders will work with a small group of incoming first-year and transfer students during the Plunge.  Leaders will participate in a two-day leadership training workshop prior to The Plunge. 

During the Plunge, leaders will facilitate small group activities, travel with their groups to partner agencies, volunteer with their small group and support “behind the scenes” organization as needed. 


  • Meals provided during all trainings, the Plunge and weekend prior to the start of the semester meal plan 
  • Move into residence halls early (date TBD), if applicable 
  • Quality leadership training focused on small group leadership skills, Catholic Social Teaching, and current social issues  
  • Act as a role model for incoming first-year students 
  • Building new friendships with other social justice-minded students while living out the mission of University of Portland 


Leaders will need to be available for training Sunday and Monday prior to the start of the PIYN. Note that students who have additional non-Moreau Center leadership training or orientation leader training during the days prior to the Plunge and the week before UP orientation may have a scheduling conflict. If you are unsure about your availability for these dates, please contact the Program Manager for Community Partnerships at 503-943-8195. 


  • Responsible and dependable 
  • Personable, welcoming, and hospitable 
  • Strong work ethic, and ability to take initiative 
  • Willingness to put in long hours during a fast-paced week of programming 
  • Demonstrated commitment to volunteering  
  • Demonstrated interest in issues of social justice 


  • Leadership experience 
  • Experience as a camp counselor, youth leader, or orientation leader (or something similar) 
  • Commitment to engaging Moreau Center Core Commitments throughout the PIYN Experience  


  • Attend and actively participate in leader training the Sunday and Monday prior to PIYN.  
  • Full overnight attendance with PIYN Participants for the duration of the Plunge. Location TBD.  
  • Lead a small group of first-year or transfer students for the duration of the Plunge. This includes spending time with the students, in addition to leading reflections throughout the course of the week and engaging students in justice issues and local community engagement opportunities 
  • Travel with your small group on public transportation as needed 
  • If needed, transport your students with Moreau Center vehicles 
  • Being present to assist with any additional needs during the plunge as they arise 
  • Write a thank-you card to each member of your small group. Moreau Center will provide the thank you cards. 
  • Follow-up by phone, e-mail, or text with each member of your small group no more than 7 days following the Plunge. 
  • Be available post-plunge for debrief or evaluation. 

**All qualified and interested students are encouraged to apply! 

Moreau Center Opportunities are open to all students, and we are particularly committed to recruitment of diverse candidates. If you have any interest at all, please apply! 

We welcome candidates who have the skills AND are still learning, growing, and motivated to take on new challenges. If you have a disability, health concern, or special dietary needs, please contact Clare Kennedy at or 503-943-8195 to co-create how to support your full participation. 

Decisions for other positions will be made on a rolling basis, until filled.