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Division of Student Affairs

"Education is the art of helping young people to completeness"  
— Blessed Basil Moreau, C.S.C. 

Teaching and learning, faith and formation, and service and leadership distinguish the Catholic, holistic vision of education at the University of Portland. As Holy Cross educators, the Division of Student Affairs provides the professional and pastoral support to foster communities of charity and learning where each member is welcomed. Together we pursue significant questions that transform lives. We nurture the whole person — hearts, hands, and minds. We teach and practice responsibility to the common good, beginning with the moment of inquiry and through a life-long relationship with the University of Portland.

For questions and inquiries about the Division of Student Affairs, contact us at 503-943-8532 or email studentaffairs@up.edu.

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Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry serves the development of the faith life of our campus community. Along with opportunities for all members of the campus community to gather in prayer and reflection, we serve the students through a wide array of liturgies, retreats, small group faith sharing, and leadership opportunities. The Campus Ministry staff as well as the priests and brothers of the Congregation of Holy Cross are also available to students, faculty, and staff for individual pastoral conversations.  Visit the Campus Ministry website to learn more, or reach out by phone at 503-943-7131 or email ministry@up.edu. 

Campus Safety and Emergency Management

Campus Safety works to ensure a safe and healthy environment by supporting our UP community in a variety of areas.  Campus Safety staff responds and assists students, faculty, and staff who have safety concerns, provides access to secure spaces, escorts to keep individuals safe, and take statements from individuals who have been the target of crime or inappropriate actions under University Policy. Campus Safety provides ID cards, oversees the distribution of keys, and manages campus parking.  The Campus Safety office is located in Haggerty Hall, Suite 100; open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week and available by phone at 503-943-7161, and also by email at campussafety@up.edu.

Moreau Center for Service and Justice

In partnership with local and global communities, the Moreau Center for Service and Justice engages critical human and environmental concerns through active learning, mutually beneficial service, and experience‐based leadership development rooted in Catholic social teaching. It strives to fulfill this mission by offering opportunities for students to engage with local communities to learn about and advocate for social justice; experience immersions during academic breaks; and explore leadership by taking on a role to offer these opportunities to peers. It offers support to faculty who wish to incorporate community‐based learning into a course and invites faculty and staff to accompany students on immersion experiences.  Contact us with any inquiries, questions, or concerns at 503-943-7132 or by email at moreaucenter@up.edu.

Residence Life

University of Portland operates nine residence halls (dorms) and two townhouse complexes (Haggerty/Tyson) on campus, with nearly 2,000 students in residence each year. Halls are led by Hall Directors (full‐time, master’s level professionals) and Assistant Hall Directors (graduate students), along with a team of 54 Resident Assistants (junior and senior undergrads). Our Hall staff invest in the lives of students, both educationally and spiritually, and lead the hall community through a ministry of presence and role‐modeling. Hall staff have a special and unique responsibility to foster community within the residence hall, inspired and informed by UP’s Catholic and Holy Cross tradition of residentiality. The University lives out its mission of teaching and learning, faith and formation, service and leadership, every day in its residence halls. It is in these communities that the Residence Life hall staff promote mutual respect, faith development, and service to fellow hall members and the University community at large. Residence Life also coordinates the University’s student conduct process and is responsible for maintaining the student Code of Conduct for on‐ and off‐campus students.  Residence Life’s central office is located in Tyson Hall 123 and available by phone at 503-943-7205 or by email at reslife@up.edu.

Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities (OSA) exists to build community by facilitating active and purposeful participation in extracurricular activities and leadership. We provide a fun, dynamic environment that creates opportunities for students to learn and practice decision‐making as it relates to their core values and the benefits of the community. Through active mentorship, we promote a complex understanding of human diversity, the formation of productive relationships, and lifelong learning. As Holy Cross Educators, OSA’s vision is to connect and engage each student in at least one continuous extracurricular activity that is meaningful to them. We also strive to prepare students for adult and professional life by presenting diverse perspectives and new ideas and giving them opportunities to reflect upon their experiential learning. To enhance the educational experience of students, we sponsor and support a wide range of student extracurricular interests, including Pilots After Dark, student government, campus programming board, student media, new student orientation, and a rich variety of clubs and organizations.  Contact us with any inquiries, questions, or concerns at 503-943-7470 or by email at stuact@up.edu.

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center provides primary care and urgent healthcare services to current students. Students can schedule appointments for injury, illness, routine physicals, travel medicine, or individualized health consultations. The center is equipped with a small laboratory and medication dispensary to enhance treatment options available on campus. The staff focuses on prevention and education in the course of providing care, and encourages students to actively participate in healthcare decision making. Health center staff consult with the larger university community to protect public health and contribute to wellness outreach.  To make an appointment, students can call 503-943-7134 Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Questions regarding health services can be sent via e-mail to hcc@up.edu.

Student Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center provides holistic mental health and wellness services and programming to foster a culture of well‐being, and empowers students to maximize their potential through the synergistic cultivation of heart and mind at UP. The center administers: confidential mental health services through the Counseling Center; the Care Team; Wellness, Education and Prevention programs; and Sexual Assault Survivor Advocate and Sexual Violence Prevention and Education Program. We collaborate with Campus Ministry to help foster the spiritual aspects of wellness, and aims to continuously improve and nurture a campus culture of student well‐being.  The Wellness Center is located in Orrico Hall, Lower Level and available by phone at 503-943-7705 and by email at wellness@up.edu.