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Semester Programs

Semester study abroad programs provide a range of courses to choose from and students earn a full courseload of typically fifteen UP credits. The program cost includes tuition and international insurance. Semester study abroad program cost is similar to UP on-campus tuition cost, and financial aid and scholarships apply, except for certain IES Abroad programs (more information below). Program cost may include housing and meals (either provided by a host family, meal plan, or a meal stipend provided to the student).


Salzburg, Austria (Fall, Spring, Full Year)

  • Study at UP's Center abroad!
  • Complete core requirements, open to students of any major
  • In case of limited capacity, for fall semester there is priority for Nursing majors
  • The full-year option is no longer available *however* students can apply for both fall and spring semesters if they are interested. This means that it can be possible for students to go both semesters, but the UP Salzburg Center will not be available during winter break in between fall and spring semesters.
  • In Spring semester Mechanical and Civil Engineering Majors would take the train 2 days a week from Salzburg and enroll in two EGR courses at the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria in the town of Wels
Perth Australia

Fremantle, Australia (Fall or Spring)

  • Open to all majors
  • Live in Fremantle, a suburb of Perth on the west coast
  • Enroll at the University of Notre Dame Australia Fremantle Campus

Granada, Spain (Fall or Spring)

  • Prerequisite: SPN 301 and 302, or SPN 308 for heritage speakers
  • Live with host family
  • Spanish language immersion
  • Open to all majors

Galway, Ireland (Spring)

  • Take classes at University of Galway
  • Open to all majors
  • STEM students who need courses with labs may not be able to get the classes they need

Rome, Italy (Fall or Spring)

  • Take classes at John Cabot University
  • International, diverse campus, opportunities to get involved in community
  • Open to all majors
  • No language prerequisite

London, England (Fall or Spring)

  • Liberal Arts program open to students of all majors
  • Individual custom internship placements with local London organizations

Business London, England (Spring)

  • Program for Business majors each Spring
  • Individual custom internship placements with local London organizations

Global E3 Engineering (Various Locations; Fall or Spring)

  • For Engineering majors
  • Choose from a list of universities around the world
  • Take courses alongside local Engineering students

Nantes, France (Fall or Spring)

  • Prerequisite: FRN 301 and 302
  • For French Studies Majors/Minors
  • Live with host family
  • French language immersion
  • Operated by IES Abroad, UP financial aid & scholarships are available

Berlin or Freiburg, Germany (Fall or Spring)

  • Prerequisite: GRM 301 and 302
  • For German Majors/Minors
  • German language immersion
  • Operated by IES Abroad, UP financial aid & scholarships are available

Learn More - Berlin

Learn More - Freiburg


Business in France (Fall or Spring)

  • For Business majors only
  • Study at Emlyon Business School
  • Previously at Saint-Etienne campus - Starting Fall 2024, students will be studying at campus in Lyon, France
  • Take Business courses in English at a global university

IES Abroad (Various Locations; Fall or Spring)

  • UP financial aid and scholarships are not available (other types of aid and external scholarships may be available)
  • Applications are due in November for the following year- even if IES lists a later deadline, the UP Study Abroad deadline applies
  • Choose from various programs offered around the world
  • Open to all majors
  • Cost is the program fee determined by IES Abroad, the organization that runs the program, paid directly to IES + a $400 administrative fee paid to UP through UP Student Account

Tokyo, Japan (Spring or Full-Year)

  • Enroll as an exchange student either spring semester or the full academic year at Sophia University
  • Very limited capacity for this program
  • Good fit for independent, highly motivated and self-sufficient students
  • Earn UP credit and pay a cost similar to UP on-campus tuition