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Post-Grad Global Opportunities

The following page is a list of resources collected by the Study Abroad Office to assist those with an interest in gaining international experiences related to volunteerism, teaching, and/or career development outside of the United States. This is an ideal place to start your search and you are encouraged to continue asking questions and seeking information through the websites provided, in conversation with the staff in the Office of International Education, Diversity, and Inclusion (OIEDI), as well as the Career Education Center (CEC) at UP. There are many paid and volunteer options abroad and this resource only scratches the surface. Thinking of what you are ready to GIVE to the host country and its people is the perfect way to find the right fit for your future. Cheers & Remember to #BeGlobalBeGrateful!

University of Portland Resources

Moreau Center for Service and Justice at UP:

"In partnership with local and global communities, the Moreau Center for Service and Justice engaged critical human and environmental concerns through active learning, mutually beneficial service, and experience-based leadership development rooted in Catholic social teaching." Their website has a plethora of resources for both students and alumni, including a list of organizations that provide post-grad service opportunities locally, nationally, and internationally, a link to schedule an appointment with the Program Manager for Service and Justice at the Moreau Center, Sophie Charles, and alumni reflections on their own post-grad experiences. This is a great place to start, especially if you don't know where to begin looking for service opportunities!

Service opportunities listed on the Moreau Center website:

Office of Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement at UP:

"The Office of Undergraduate Scholarly Engagement (USE) assists University of Portland students and alumni in the process of discerning which major fellowships are appropriate for each individual. As well, [they] assist in the process of constructing the applications for the fellowships and, when needed, preparing for interviews." There are opportunities both domestically and abroad, and we recommend meeting with someone at USE to discuss which one is right for you and to help navigate the application process.

Career Education Center at UP:

"The Career Education Center (CEC) provides services and resources to all students and alumni. [Their] staff meet with students and alumni to help identify skills, interests and values, as well as explore career opportunities." The CEC has two wonderful resource guides of their own that walk alumni (and current students interested in future opportunities) through the steps of making a decision to work abroad, planning, and applying. You can also make an appointment with the CEC through Handshake for more assistance on anything related to the process of working internationally.

Internship Exchange/Work Permit Programs

Teaching English Abroad

Direct Experience with international organizations:

Other International Opportunities: