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Pilot-for-a-Day Visit

We are excited about the relaunch of our Pilot for a Day program coming soon!

Our current students are available to talk about life on The Bluff. To schedule a video chat with a current student, please email visit@up.edu.

Meet Our Student Ambassadors

Maggie Loft

Maggie Loft - Class of 2021
Secondary Education & History

"I chose UP because as soon as I visited campus I was able to tell how strong the sense of community was here. I knew I would be welcomed and supported, and the small class sizes meant I would get to have these strong relationships not only with my peers but with my professors as well."

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Samantha Dela Cruz

Samantha Dela Cruz - Class of 2021
Nursing with minors in Psychology & Political Science

"I enrolled at UP primarily for the Nursing program but after visiting the campus, I felt at home seeing the great community UP has here as well as all of the opportunities and resources available here on campus as a student."

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Danny Politoski

Danny Politoski - Class of 2021
Economics & Environmental Science

"UP has the perfect combination of location, small class sizes, and a beautiful campus with lots of green space."

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Meghan Powers

Meghan Powers - Class of 2021
Organizational Communication & Social Justice

"From the moment I walked on campus I could feel the welcoming community energy I desired in a University! "

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Robbie Herrera

Robbie Herrera - Class of 2021
Business Marketing

"I enrolled in UP because of its Catholic identity, renowned business program, and unique dorm culture!"

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Camryn Hagihara

Camryn Hagihara - Class of 2021

"I enrolled at UP because I loved the feel of campus; the warm, welcoming feel of the students and the size of campus and the classes made me confident that I would be able to make friends and be successful academically. "

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Angelica Garcia

Angelica Garcia - Class of 2022
Philosophy & Political Science

"I love the small class sizes and having the college-town feel while still having easy access to the big city!"

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Katherine Lund

Katherine Lund - Class of 2022

"I love that UP is proud of their Catholic identity. They also have an amazing Nursing program that I am so blessed to be a part of."

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Zachary Sessa

Zachary Sessa - Class of 2021
Social Work & Spanish double major with a minor in Political Science

"I enrolled at UP because it gave me the best of both worlds in multiple ways."

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