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Benefits of Living On Campus

A national study done by the Association of College and University Housing Officers - International (ACUHO-I) in 2021 found that living on campus has a profound impact on students. First and second year students that stayed on campus were more likely to return to college the following year and succeed academically. The benefits outlined below are some of the services that offer holistic support for UP students for academic success, personal growth, and spiritual development. 

 Mehling lounge

Academics  research links campus living with higher academic performance and increased persistence and retention in college. Students that live on campus have easy access to the services offered by the Shepard Academic Resource Center (SARC). Many of our halls even have study programs. 

Graduation Rates – A study done looking at the relationship between four year graduation rates and on-campus living determined that between 2010 and 2017, 90% of UP students that lived on campus for at least their first two years consistently graduated within four years. 

Connection – Students who live on campus often enjoy a stronger sense of community than their off-campus peers. Students in our residence halls often find friends for life! 

Safety & Security – Campus Safety personnel monitor our residence halls 24 hours per day and quickly respond to any student concerns or emergencies. Residence halls are card-access only and therefore only accessible by students living in that hall.

Support – Hall Directors, Pastoral Residents, and Resident Assistants live and work in our residence halls offering support and care while overseeing students’ well-being. They know students by name and can support them in big and small ways. Students also have access to the Health and Counseling Center, which provides primary care and counseling. 

Access – Campus residents live near the library, classroom buildings, and other campus resources. This makes it easier to attend classes, interact with faculty, meet with advisors, study and do projects with peers, use academic support services, and attend programs and events (like ones offered by Student Activities). The close proximity to campus makes these activities easier and safer to get to during our wet and cold winters.

Dining – Campus residents have meal plans which give them easy access to meals. They can focus on academics rather than grocery shopping, cooking, or cleaning the dishes!

Ease – Campus housing includes all utilities including Wi-Fi, garbage services, and laundry rooms. Our communal spaces are professionally cleaned by our custodial staff each day, and our maintenance staff can quickly respond to and resolve any facilities concerns. 

Fun – Our residence halls serve as our students' home away form home and have fun programs, activities, and community-building opportunities going on every night. Click to learn about each hall and to see what is happening on their Instagrams! 


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What do our residents have to say?

In the 2021-2022 Hall Life Survey, which is administered annually to all residential students, 89% of residents reported that they were either satisfied or very satisfied with their experience on campus. Below are direct quotes from students about their residential experience. 

"It really helped me feel connected to the university and feel the school spirit. It was much easier to connect with students and get involved in campus events as well as make friends. It really helped me adapt to the college life since it involves a lot of responsibility as well as freedom, and I am living with so many other people my age going through the exact same situation."

"I think it’s important to live on-campus to get a taste of independence without being totally alone. It’s a great way to make friends as a freshman and stay engaged in student activities so I’d recommend everyone stay for a few years."

"My residence hall experience was comfortable and super helpful in helping to make me feel included in the community. The various activities and events offer different opportunities for students to participate in things that they like. I had a great support system because of my RA and hall director."