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Student Conduct Process

The University's student policies and the overall student conduct process are the responsibility of the Office for Student Affairs. All alleged violations are handled by the Office of Residence Life or another designee appointed by the Vice President for Student Affairs and Associate Vice President for Student Development. The student conduct process is described in detail in the student handbook, Life on the Bluff.

Decisions regarding a student's responsibility, or lack thereof, for the alleged violation will be based on careful consideration of the available information and evaluated on the basis of whether it is more likely than not that the student is responsible for the violation. If a student is found responsible for a violation of University policies or standards of conduct, they may be assigned a sanction or combination of sanctions. The purpose of these sanctions is to promote the student's greater self-knowledge, physical and emotional health, and restoration to full participation in the University of Portland community.

Students found in violation of University policies or standards of conduct through the conduct process have the opportunity to request a case review.

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