Mehling Hall

Hall Stats

Hall Type: Female

Eligibility: All class years

Total Rooms: 195

Floors: 8

Elevator: Yes

Air Conditioning: No

Room Types: Single, Double, Triple

Break Period: Closed for Winter break

Hall Staff

Hall Director: Paige Patterson

Assistant Hall Directors: Allie Breiling

Pastoral Resident: Fr. Jim Gallagher, CSC

Life in Mehling Hall

Signature Events:

  • The M
  • Harry Potter Night
  • Fall Charity Ball

Hall Mass: Wednesdays at 10:15 p.m.

Spiritual Formation:

  • Mehling Hall retreat
  • Mehling Hall Bible study

Social Media:

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Mehling Hall, the tallest building on campus and in North Portland, houses women on its eight floors. Mehling was built in 1964 and has housed women exclusively since its opening. The hall is named for Rev. Theodore J. Mehling, C.S.C., the 11th president of the University. During Fr. Mehling's tenure, women first gained full admission to the University. The hall has kitchens on every floor; some of the nicest and most spacious rooms on campus; large study rooms; a ballroom; and an auditorium in the basement used for classes.

Room Layout

What is the average size of a Mehling Hall room?
Double rooms in Mehling Hall are approximately 198 square feet. Triple rooms are approximately 231 square feet, and single rooms are approximately 190 square feet.

How is a double room in Mehling Hall laid out?
Beds can stand alone and are movable; wardrobes and desks are built in. Rooms are carpeted.