Villa Maria Hall

Hall Stats

Hall Type: Male

Eligibility: All class years

Total Rooms: 89

Floors: 2

Elevator: No

Air Conditioning: No

Room Types: Single, Double, Triple

Break Period: Closed for Winter break

Hall Staff

Hall Director: Derek Block

Assistant Hall Director: Kris Reaves

Pastoral Resident: Fr. Charlie McCoy, CSC

Life in Villa Maria Hall

Hall Motto: Villa Viri Superbi (Proud Men of Villa)

Hall Mascot: Tommy the gorilla

Nickname for Residents: Villans

Signature Events:

  • Villa Drum Squad: A permanent fixture at all home UP soccer games, the Drum Squad is made up of Villans in kilts who play drums and lead the cheers at soccer games. They are nationally known for being one of the best college soccer supporter sections in the nation.
  • Sunday Night at the Races (SNATR): Started in 1995, this is a weekly race around the Villa quad where each wing competes for honor and glory! Usually 80+ residents come out each week to watch the races. During the winter, races transition to video game, Bop It, or eating competitions.
  • Café Procrastiné: Once a month Villa hosts themed cafés that welcome students from around campus to the Villa lounge for a spirited good time. Look forward to Halloween and Valentine's Day cafés.
  • Villa Dad's Weekend: Every spring Villa welcomes about 50 Dads (and mentors, brothers, etc.) to experience Villa for a weekend! The dads get to see the Villa-Christie Derby (soccer match), have a nice barbecue, and spend quality time with their sons in Villa.
  • FIFA for Freedom: In February Villa hosts a 64-person FIFA video game tournament. In 2016 this event raised $1,200 for AC Portland, a non-profit organization that holds soccer clinics for local youth.

Hall Mass: Tuesdays at 10:15 p.m.

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Villa Maria is named for the University's patroness, the Virgin Mary, and opened in 1957 as the first women's residence hall on campus. Its location on the far northwestern reaches of campus was chosen deliberately because the provincial superior at the time of its construction mandated that the hall be built as far from the men's dormitory (Christie) as possible. The hall became a men's residence in the 1980s and today houses more than 200 residents in 89 rooms. The building has a central lounge with a big screen television, a basketball court behind the building, and a chapel. It has a computer lab, a game room, and two study rooms.

Room Layout

What is the average size of a Villa Maria Hall room?
Villa Maria Hall is one of our older residence halls and thus does not have uniform room sizes throughout the building. The approximate size of a double room is 185 square feet, though individual rooms may be larger or smaller than this, and some are designated as extendable, meaning they can hold two or three students. Standard triple rooms are approximately 320 square feet, and there is one room designated as a quad (four students) that is approximately 364 square feet.

How is a double room in Villa Maria Hall laid out?
Beds can stand alone and are movable; wardrobes are built in. Most desks are movable; however, there are some that are built in. Rooms have tile flooring (uncarpeted).