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2019 Internship Stories

Check out what internships our students have for summer 2019.

Interested in learning more about internships? Head over to our Experience: Internships and Jobs page to learn more.

photo of Lillia Smith

Lillia Smith - Class of 2021
Research Associate in the Aeromechanics Branch at NASA

"Once I heard that an internship at NASA was possible, I decided that I wanted to blend my major and my love for space into one career goal."

Learn more about Lillia Smith

photo of Gwen Ulrick

Gwen Ulrick - Class of 2020
Actuarial Intern at Cambia Health Solutions

"I have learned so much about programming and strategic problem solving since starting my internship."

Learn more about Gwen Ulrick

photo of Jeffrey Hayashi

Jeffrey Hayashi - Class of 2021
Summer Student at the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute

"For students in the natural and health sciences, internships are important experiences that reinforce material that we learn in school in a more realistic way."

Learn more about Jeffrey Hayashi

photo of Victoria McDonald

Victoria McDonald - Class of 2020
Medical Scribe Intern at Scribe America

"I applied for this internship because medical scribes can expand their knowledge of the medical field by shadowing dozens of doctors at the same time."

Learn more about Victoria McDonald

photo of David Pierce

David Pierce - Class of 2020
Accounting Intern at Aspen Capital

"I believe that internships are important because they allow students to gain valuable knowledge outside of the classroom and understand their field for the better."

Learn more about David Pierce

photo of Alex Schendel

Alex Schendel - Class of 2021
Firmware Engineer Intern at Intel Corporation

"I recommend that all students try to get an internship, which will give them meaningful work and valuable resources to help them in the future."

Learn more about Alex Schendel

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